Wnr 2000v4 Firmware Fix Tool:

Unable to see wnr 2000v4 wireless network & power light flashing constantly amber or green. While updating firmware of wnr 2000v4 router you might receive an error message “firmware file is incorrect or firmware upgrade failed ”, FIX: try reseting the router using a paper pin or safety clip for 20 seconds , if still you are getting blinking power light ,you need to flash the router firmware using netgear wnr2000v4 fix tool , this tool can be downloaded directly from netgear download centre ,after downloading the firmware fix tool file ,assign a static ip address to your router , ip address value , subnetmask as,ipv4 default gateway as , &primary dns as .

telnet client & tftp client services must be running .as shown in image 1, try to access router login genie page using routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com or you can use default ip address . once the firmware is updated using fix tool ,update your router firmware to latest >>netgear router login genie page >>advanced set up>> firmware update . fragment threshold value should be less than rts threshold value .short preamble is used for better performance & long preamble value may provide more reliable connection. To change Fragment threshold values,& to select short preamble mode ,login to your netgear genie page using default router login address routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com. Netgear wnr 2000v4 firmware fix tool file works in case of windows computer only ,there is no mac or linux fix tool ,use windows pc to apply this fix.